Zen Centering 

Zen Centering


A contemporary mindfulness-meditation guide based on the Zen tradition which incorporates centering and verbal paradox.

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Zen Centering is an eclectic meditation training technique that blends the contemporary science of sport psychology with the philosophy and practices of the Zen tradition. Centering relates philosophically to personal development and pragmatically to action, where it has been applied to practices as diverse as sword fighting and flower arranging. In its simplest form, Zen Centering is practiced as just sitting, reinforcing the idea of mind and body in a state of optimal efficiency – peaceful and still but aware and ready. Zen Centering cultivates a way of thinking that is instinct-like and intuitive, for situations of high emotion and high performance.  It is equally well suited to performance under pressure or simply tolerating pressure quietly.

Zen Centering has 2 components: The Zen Centering Guide Book and the Zen Centering Meditation Training Program. The Zen Centering Guide Book provides the Script of the Zen Centering Meditation Training Program, presents a Tutorial on the theory and methods used in constructing the Meditation Training Program, and offers guidance for personal practice. The Zen Centering Meditation Training Program is an audio guided mental training exercise that offers a centering experience, which reflects the ideas of verbal paradox and the trap of rational thinking. It is enhanced by video, so that it can be used either in the traditional fashion with eyes closed – or with eyes open.

We respect the cultures and belief systems from which the concepts of centering and energy flow have evolved, but do not try to reproduce them in their cultural context. By bringing contemporary science and traditional Asian practices together, we seek to provide a rich and engaging 21st century experience.