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Swim Sport Psychology’s training guides help you tap into your full potential using proven training techniques.

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Mastering the Mental Game of Swimming

Swim Sport Psychology Training Guides systematically prepare the swimmer for a competition environment that demands maximal effort, with attention to pacing and precise technical execution, pain & fatigue tolerance, and for a long duration race day which requires optimal recovery. Swim Sport Psychology’s overall sport psychology program encompasses performance and health, in and out of the pool.

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Dr. John Heil, DA, FAASP, FAPA

Dr. John Heil is a sport and clinical psychologist with Psychological Health Roanoke. He works with Olympic, professional and aspiring athletes, and has consulted at 3 Olympic Games. Dr. Heil also works in police and public safety, and in the medical field, where he is widely published in the psychology of sport injury.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os0LF1tVMk4&t=3s Organizational Dynamics in Failed Mitigation of Sexual Violation John Heil Abstract: Organizational response is the tipping point in any incident where social justice is in question.  This paper seeks to...

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Dr. Heil Featured in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Dr. Heil Featured in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Dr. Heil was recently published in the book Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology - Theories and Applications. He contributed to a chapter titled "Sport injury: psychological consequences and management strategies." This book brings together world-class...


Sports Injury Recovery and Return to Play (article)

Sports Injury Recovery and Return to Play (article)

Injury is recognized as one of the most debilitating experiences among high-performance individuals (e.g., athletes, police officers, dancers, and soldiers). Despite a wealth of evidence highlighting the deleterious ramifications of injury, few sport psychology...

Building a Successful Age Group Program from 8-14 (PPT)

Building a Successful Age Group Program from 8-14 (PPT)

Coaches and sport scientists come together to examine the challenges and identify solutions for working successfully with athletes aged 8-14, considering the practical aspects of day-to-day training, team management, and the science associated with developing the...

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