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Swim Sport Psychology's training guides help you tap into your full potential using proven training techniques.

What we do

Mastering the Mental Game of Swimming

Swim Sport Psychology Training Guides systematically prepare the swimmer for a competition environment that demands maximal effort, with attention to pacing and precise technical execution, pain & fatigue tolerance, and for a long duration race day which requires optimal recovery. Swim Sport Psychology's overall sport psychology program encompasses performance and health, in and out of the pool.

Who we are

Dr. John Heil, DA, FAASP, FAPA

Dr. John Heil is a sport and clinical psychologist with Psychological Health Roanoke. He works with Olympic, professional and aspiring athletes, and has consulted at 3 Olympic Games. Dr. Heil also works in police and public safety, and in the medical field, where he is widely published in the psychology of sport injury.

Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Andrew on Sport Psychology - at age 14

Check out this short interview with clips of Michael Andrew, age 14, about some of his mental preparation for competitive swimming.

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