Mind Body Relaxation 

Mind Body Relaxation


A mindfulness-meditation guide based on the Yoga tradition which focuses on breath and body awareness.

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Mind-Body Relaxation blends the contemporary science of sport psychology with the philosophy and practices of the Yoga tradition. It includes method of controlled breathing and muscle relaxation that draws upon the concepts of centering and energy flow found in Asian mind-body systems. This method is designed to create a calm and focused mind and body, by reducing or down regulating physiological intensity and by focusing attention in a positive way.

While at first glance contemporary sport psychology and traditional meditation ┬ámethods may appear to stand in contrast to one another, Mind-Body Relaxation demonstrates that there is a common ground. By bringing these worlds together we seek to provide a rich and engaging 21st century experience. Mind-Body Relaxation has 3 components: 1. Mental Training Program – An audio guided mental training technique that is enhanced by video so that it can be used either in the traditional fashion with eyes closed – or with eyes open. 2. Mind-Body Relaxation Seminar – A narrated PowerPoint which describes the theory of mental training and offers guidance in the use of the mental training program, and. 3. Mind-Body Relaxation Guide Book – Text versions of the Mental Training Program and the Mind-Body Relaxation Seminar.

While we respect the cultures and belief systems from which the concepts of centering and energy flow have evolved, we do not try to reproduce them in their cultural context. Thus, Mind-Body Relaxation remains grounded in science, presenting time honored traditional concepts in a contemporary applied context.