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Mental Prep For Swim Racing Course

Mental Prep for Swim Racing is a Sport Psychology mental training routine which prepares the swimmer for race day competition.

It has two components: 1. The Swim Racing Mental Training Program (MultiMedia) – an audio-guided, video-enhanced mental training exercise that is the core element of Mental Prep for Swim Racing; and 2. The Mental Prep for Swim Racing Guide Book (pdf) – which describes the theory and methods used in constructing the Mental Training Program and offers guidance for personal practice and for customizing mental training. It includes a Swim Racing Tutorial and the Script of the Swim Racing Mental Training Program. Mental Prep for Swim Racing is a performance routine that prepares the swimmer for meets by anticipating challenges, by developing an action plan and by rehearsing this plan – so that it is ready to use when needed. It is based on “Zone” theory, and incorporates intensity control, concentration, self-talk, and imagery.